Business Education


PERSONAL FINANCE (1/2 unit of credit)

Preferred grade level 10th-12th. 

This course is an introduction to finance where students can learn basic economic principles and about managing their own finances. Students are exposed to building their own budget, developing financial plans, and making responsible choices about careers, finances, and life. Passing the class meets the state law requirement for high school graduation.

ACCOUNTING I (1 unit of credit) 

Prerequisite:  Sophomore, Junior or Senior 

Accounting I is THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS.  It will help students understand financial matters in their careers and in their personal lives.  Course covers financial accounting for a service business and merchandise business organized as a corporation.  Job opportunities in the accounting field are numerous and varied – students may start an accounting career immediately after high school, after specialized training at a 2-year college, or advance to the professional level by earning the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.  Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA.

ACCOUNTING II (1 unit of credit) 

Prerequisite:  Accounting I – Articulated Credit available - see page 8

Accounting II is designed to further the accounting knowledge of those students interested in an accounting career or business emphasis and will include the use of automated accounting programs to expand the textbook 

offerings.  Financial accounting, departmentalized record keeping, cost accounting and managerial accounting 

will be studied.  The job forecast for accounting-related positions is very bright.  This course will prepare the student for an entry level career in accounting after high school as well as providing an excellent business background for college level studies.  Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA.

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS  (1 unit of credit)

A hands-on course for any student who plans to use a computer in high school, college, or the business field.  Through projects, it explores the advanced features in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Many projects will integrate real-life applications of all software.  Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA. 


Computer Science Principles introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. More than a traditional introduction to programming, it is a rigorous, engaging, and approachable course that explores many of the foundational ideas of computing so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in. This course is a compliment to Cyber Security.

CYBER SECURITY (½ unit of credit)

Prerequisite: Computer Science Principles 

Students will learn fundamental cybersecurity topics including networking fundamentals, software security, system administration and the basics of cryptography and programming. This course is a compliment to Computer Science Principles. 



This course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming as well as some advanced features of JavaScript language. Students use what they learn in this course to build simple console-based games. This class will be a prerequisite for a future mobile app building course.


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS  (1/2 unit of credit)

Open to Sophomores-Seniors.  An introduction to the principles, practices and problems encountered in the general business environment.  Emphasis is placed on highlighting the basic functions of accounting, marketing, management, and finance and organizing a business. This will be a project based class.  

BUSINESS LAW (1/2 unit of credit-Fall Semester) 

Open to Sophomores-Seniors. Introduction to Law is designed to provide a practical understanding of law to make the student a more knowledgeable citizen.  It is important to have a basic understanding of the legal system to protect ourselves and to take advantage of the opportunities available to us.  The student will apply legal concepts to current issues.  It helps to lay a foundation for further study in the legal field and in business.  Many guest speakers are incorporated in this course where they highlight their careers and teach specific application of the law.  Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (1/2 unit of credit-Spring Semester) 

Open to Sophomores-Seniors. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the characteristics of the organization and operation of a business and to aid students who plan a career in the business field or management. This is a project based class.The students will receive a solid foundation about what business is, how it operates, and how it is managed.  Students will use technology to develop presentation skills, give instructions, interview, and create business documents.  An international section includes global trade and communications, economies, and cultures of various countries.  Competition in a stock market game provides opportunity to learn buying and selling of stocks.  Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA.


Prerequisite:  Must have successfully completed Computer Applications.

This course will cover different aspects of communicating in the business world such as foundational, social, technological, employment, and organizational communication skills. Students will also learn about human relations, personal and professional qualities, decision-making, workplace procedures, work ethics, time management, personal management, and demeanor. Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA.

COMPUTER GRAPHICS (1 unit of credit)

Course provides extensive instruction into the creation and manipulation of graphic files through the software Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. Course is aimed at beginners who want to create sophisticated graphics. Subjects covered will include an overview of the Photoshop window, the toolbar, panels, and the options bar, Google Pages, elements of design, merging text and graphics, and proper page layout. Students will have the opportunity to create properly designed print and digital publications such as advertisements, flyers, menus, calendars, and elements of a magazine. Students will have the opportunity to join FBLA. 

BUSINESS INTERNSHIP (2 or more units of business credit - Administrative approval required for all offerings above 3 hours or below 2)  Prerequisite:  Seniors who have successfully completed (2) credits of business.  Must also be concurrently enrolled in another business course.

This course is applicable to college bound and non-college bound students seeking to understand and apply job skills and work ethics.  Students must have an agreement with an approved employer to attend work daily during the assigned Business Internship hours, maintain their job throughout the course, and follow all accountability measures highlighted in the CTS Internship Handbook.  Students are encouraged to join FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America.


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