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This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of marketing. Students will learn how advertising, social media and communication come together to create some of the most powerful brands in the world. Students will explore various marketing techniques and use them to create their own promotional material. Involvement in DECA is highly encouraged. 

LEADERSHIP (1/2 unit of credit)

Open to all grade levels. The goal of this course is to provide students with communication tools and leadership tactics that mirror those used in the workplace. Students will learn about different communication styles, how to effectively manage a team, and how to build a positive culture. Those interested in leadership roles in school, the community, or a future career would greatly benefit from this course.

ADVANCED MARKETING (1 unit of credit)   Articulated Credit available - see page 7

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior; Intro to Marketing

This course is designed as a project-based follow-up to Introduction to Marketing. Marketing principles and techniques are used to create integrated marketing campaigns, documents, and design work that capture brand image, as well as a marketing plan for a functioning business. Involvement in DECA is highly encouraged


Prerequisite:  Junior, Senior and Introduction to Marketing and Advanced Marketing

This course will help students develop a thorough understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to advertising, sports, sporting events, and the entertainment industry.  The areas this course will cover include advertising perspectives and strategies, basic marketing, target marketing and segmentation, sponsorship, event marketing, promotions, sponsorship proposals, and sports marketing plans.   Involvement in DECA is highly encouraged. 

ADVERTISING (1/2 unit of credit)

Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior and Intro to Marketing and Advanced Marketing

In this course, students will gain first hand knowledge of advertising sales and development. Advertisements will be sold to businesses within the community and played overhead at Clinton sporting events. Students will also learn about the evolution of advertising over time, and how to effectively utilize various forms of media in today’s market. Students will create commercials, demonstrations, and analyze popular forms of advertising. Involvement in DECA is highly encouraged. 

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (1/2 unit of credit)

Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior and Intro to Marketing and Advanced Marketing

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge needed for organizing, developing, and implementing a business concept within the private free enterprise system.  Students will act as owners of the school store, “The Nest”, and conduct daily business operations, learn to manage and lead staff, discuss ethics in the workplace, and make adjustments to improve sales. Involvement in DECA is highly encouraged in the course.

MARKETING INTERNSHIP (2 or more units of marketing credit - Administrative approval required for all offerings above 3 hours) 

Prerequisite:  Seniors who have successfully completed (2) Marketing credits.  Must also be consecutively enrolled in another marketing course.

This course is applicable to college bound and non-college bound students seeking to understand and apply job skills and work ethics.  Students must have an agreement with an approved employer to attend work daily during the assigned Marketing Internship hours, maintain their job throughout the course, and follow all accountability measures highlighted in the CTS Internship Handbook.  Students are encouraged to join DECA – An Association of Marketing Students.


Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior and have taken a marketing class with instructor approval.  

The course will teach students how a convenience service business will operate including health and safety, communications, human relations, inventory control, money management, purchasing and record system.


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